Jerks™ is proud to launch an official collaboration with 90s alternative rock legends The Breeders, commemorating 30 years of their iconic album, Last Splash. Our limited edition collection features original artwork elements across a range of never-before-seen items.

The vintage Last Splash T-Shirt, limited to 100 units worldwide, is printed on premium original 90s T-Shirts, each unique due to wear and fading. The new long sleeves and T-Shirts maintain a 90s fit and feel on top-quality 6.5oz blanks. The collection is rounded out with Last Splash caps, baby tees, and official Breeders scarves and a rug— available for the first time in the bands history.

Kim Deal on the iconic Last Splash artwork:

You worked with the late Vaughan Oliver on the Last Splash album artwork. Can you tell us a bit about the artwork, it's inception and the creative process?

Vaughan Oliver. What a weirdo. In the best way. He approached album artwork entirely differently than anybody else at the time.

The idea of a heart image originated from a conversation I had with Vaughn. I was complaining to him (this is how I remember it):

“Vaughan, please stop putting naughty bits on the breeders record covers!”

You might not know, but the Safari text on the album cover is a close-up of an areola from one of the women who worked at 4AD (thank you for your service, Sabrina!)

And generally, you know, the whole beautiful fertility dance on the cover of Pod.

I said, “Vaughan, how about something sweet for a change?”

I actually made a Valentine’s Day box in my mom’s and dad’s garage. I over-decorated the box with tissue paper and hearts, so it looked cloying and repulsive.

I can’t even remember if I sent him the photos I took of the box.

I thought what he made was just stunning.

- Kim